written by Heather Mabie, Malden Trunk or Treat Committee Volunteer

As the sun descended in Malden WA on Saturday, October 28th, our treat seekers kicked off the event with a costume contest.  After, they scattered and ran from car to car.  Getting treats and trinkets to fill their bags and buckets.  The screams and laughter filled the air. Once filled, made way to the playground where the hay chariot awaited. People voted for their top 3 favorite trunks or displays as they wandered through. What a blast!! Costume contests, trunk decorating contests, hay rides, bake sales, hot drinks and fun times helped to keep the cold away.  Even with chilled bones, this year’s event is marked as the highest turnout, and was made possible by donations, individual volunteers,organizations and participation.

Thank you to The Town of Malden and the following:
From Malden WA, The  Ladies from the Church(Candy), and resident Jamie Morse (Tractor and trailer, one of a kind homemade spider trophies), Cheney’s Yoke’s Fresh Market (Candy), and from  Colfax WA,  Rosauers SuperMarket (Prizes), Four Star Supply (Prizes), and Tick Klock Drug (Prizes). Along with a special thanks to All Anonymous Donations

Malden Fire Department, PCCLTRO, Malden Library, Malden Food Bank, Rosalia Parks and Recs, Rosalia School District, Rosalia 4H, and Whitman County Sheriff Department.

Lori Dickinson- Advertisement,Set up, serving hot drinks, tear down. Jeff Edgmon and Melissa Davidson- serving drinks and tear down. Scott Shauf – For helping setting up tents, gaining access for the heaters, bringing the fire truck and tear down, Alyssa Shauf- For helping with the advertisement flyers, Bentlee Shauf – For helping stuff candy bags for prizes Susan Shauf- For prize organization, all the printing of certificates, Flyers and so much more. Laura Rankin- Advertisement, set up, organization, tear down, Chandelle and Larry Frick- for set up and tear down of the PA system., Adam Mabie- For helping with pictures and tear down., Ernie Brown – Helping to gain access to all the supplies and tools we needed. Jamie Morse and John Lenz – For the operation of a spectacular hayride.

This event was organized by the Malden Trunk or Treat Committee. It would not have been possible without them.  The committee members are: Susan Shauf, Laura Rankin, Lori Dickinson, and Heather Mabie.

For suggestions and feedback contact Heather Mabie at heather.r.mabie@gmail.com or Text (208) 750-6062.