The Pine Creek Community Restoration LTRO is pleased to offer an immediate wildfire relief cash disbursement through our United Way of Whitman County Agency partner. We are committed to creating a fair and equitable disbursement process for each affected household, leaning on the advice and best practices of our professional partners, wildfire relief fund managers, and the intentions of our donors.

Please complete this confidential application form (see links to application form below) and submit using one of these four ways:

  • Access and complete the form on the United Way of Whitman County website:
  • Print completed form and deliver in person to LTRO Office in Malden
  • Print completed form and mail to United Way of Whitman County, P.O. Box 426, Pullman, WA 99163
  • Email completed form to
  • Please sign and return this application in a timely manner

We anticipate it will take a few days to process these applications. We are working on making sure we do this correctly and consistent with our donors’ wishes. Thank you!

For fillable PDF application click here.

For standard PDF application click here.